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We are a family business looking to make our dream come true, to work with and take care of dogs.

Introducing our precious boys who will welcome your loved ones to daycare and boarding:

Quill: This curly hair Cavapoo (King Cavalier Spaniel/Poodle Mix) is a ball of fun. He loves playing, fetching, and doing tricks. He is a high energy guy when its time to play but as soon as the blanket comes out he's the first to curl up and nap!

Charlie: This old man is a shitzu mix rescue. In his youth he was found by Rhonda tied to a tree by a big chain. This little guy was scared and sad but Rhonda quickly took action and asked the owners if it would be ok if she fostered him, which they happily obliged. This little guy made his way right into the hearts of everyone around and has now been a member of the family for 9 years!

Tank: This American Bulldog might look like a beast but in real life, he's the biggest softy out there. Tanks hobbies include: begging for someone to scratch his bottom, sleeping, eating, waiting for treat time and then sleeping again!

Hi! My name is Amber Rollins and I am the co-owner of K9 Country Club along with my mother Rhonda Taylor. My husband Chris and I have been married and resided near Versailles for 19 years.

I have been working in the corporate world in the Human Resources field for 15+ years but knew I always wanted to have a career that involves animals, specifically dogs. I've always been an advocate for dogs and have a passion for rescuing, fostering and rehoming dogs. I've taken care of numerous dogs for friends and family over the years and because of the constant fostering, am now known as "The Dog Lady" amongst my neighbors!

I look forward to getting to know you and getting to spend time playing with your beloved pooch!

Hi! My name is Austin Taylor and I am the kennel manager for K9 Country Club. After attending Purdue University and serving in the Indiana National Gaurd, I decided to take a position in the manufacturing industry. Having been raised in a home with dog loving parents, it wasn't uncommon for us to have multiple dogs at a time. I realized that I had a passion for caring for dogs and was good at training them.

I look forward to being there to care for and play with your pooch! We will have lots of fun and will provide great care for your family member. I am confident that your pooch will 100% love their stay and look forward to coming back in the future!

Hi! My name is Rhonda Taylor and I am the co-owner of K9 Country Club along with my daughter Amber Rollins. My husband Tim and I have been married and resided in Madison for 39 years. We have 3 children: Our daughter Amber is married to Chris and they are the parents of our beautiful granddaughter Alexis. We also have two sons, Austin Taylor and Amos Taylor. Amos is married to Brianne and they are parents to our grandpup Quill!

I have worked in the corporate world for 30 years and now am very excited to be a part of the play every day!

When I'm not playing, rescuing, or rehoming dogs, my hobbies include - Photography, kayaking, hiking and anything to do with collecting rocks! I enjoy bluegrass and gospel music. We enjoy riding our Ranger on beautiful days, where we usually end up near a creek!


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